The designer of the collection A®TYPICAL NUDE BY NUBU “The work of art of an artist shouldn’t be valuable just because they are gone and cannot create more.”
Judit Garam has almost 30 years of experience in the world of fashion, she was the sole distributor of some brands, including Kookai and Patrizia Pepe, in Hungary and, since 2007, she is the owner and head designer of the NUBU brand.
“I started to build the Nubu brand more than 15 years ago, its meaning is Nu + Bu: ‘An affectionate, strong relationship between two individuals who can realize great actions together.’
The meaning of Nu + Bu mirrors my life as I have a companion, a partner, an escort, a helper in every field of my life for whom I am the companion, the partner, the helper, the escort... This joint project is also moved by these energies...
Social responsibility is important to me, thus it is a big pleasure for me that, within the Artypical Nude by Nubu collection, my long-cherished mission could be realized: to support nurturing talents.
Besides, as a person committed to the SlowFashion movement, we put a great emphasis on sustainability when designing the collection.
It is an honor that the message of the Artypical Nude by Nubu (accepting, understanding and supporting each other) can be seen via the products designed and created by me.
I hope that we can make the everyday life for all of us more enjoyable, comfortable with these special pieces of clothes in addition to the fact that, by producing or purchasing every single piece, we can support a charitable purpose together with the people who love and wear the brand.”


“When I was 3, it turned out that I was involved with autism, I didn’t really talk until the age of 4 and I only started forming sentences at the age of 7.
Due to my involvement, I was a private student in primary school since we did not find a host school where I could have improved.
I really missed the community so my first biggest task was to establish the Wonderbug Club with my mom 2 years ago which is a community where highly functional children and youngsters involved with autism can find themselves and others who are similar and they can find friends among themselves.
I am attending Kürt High School, I am very happy that I found an accepting and amazing community.
According to my parents, my specialty includes my point of view and my hearing, my musical sensitivity, my unique sense of style.
My hyperacusis is joint with absolute pitch, I am fond of music and if I could, beside listening to music, I would be editing videos all the time.
Formulating my thoughts is a difficulty due to my late speech development so, since a young age, I drew everything I could not express with the help of words.
My mom always says I am a miracle who was born on the wrong planet, and we have to find a way together so I can be happy and prevail in this world.
She came up with the idea of launching the A®TYPICAL brand, as well, for which she chose her two favorite drawings of mine, since then I have a lot of new drawings that I will be happy to share with you in the future.”