By purchasing every A®TYPICAL NUDE BY NUBU product, the foundation bound to the creator of the graphic design shown on the particular product is supported.
The extent of the contribution is 5% of the price of the purchased product.
Bence Buday’s graphic design can be seen on every piece of the first collection of A®TYPICAL NUDE BY NUBU, thus, by buying any piece of the collection, our dear customers will support the program of the Wonderbug Club.

Wonderbug CLUB

Wonderbug Club would like to provide the opportunity to every child and youngster living with autism to find themselves, find the ones who are similar and find friends among themselves.

Since June 2019, there are meetings organized for them on a monthly basis where everybody can be themselves in this special little community.
While children and youngsters have fun together with the support of an expert developmental teacher team, parents get help with how they can support and raise their own little Wonderbug to live an independent life.
The dreamers of the brand are planning on using the graphic designs of other talented youngsters involved with autism for some pieces of the collection in the future, thereby they would like to support other foundations and programs.